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Modern scientists have often wondered: If the characters from Penny-Arcade were solid gravitational bodies on a frictionless finite 2D plane, what would it be like?

Well now, thanks to my Herculean efforts, you can show off your big-brained thirst for scientific knowledge and finely tuned sense of humor all in your computers spare time!

Such joy!


Windows 98 or better
1GHz processor or better (less if you have a decent 3D video card)
DirectX 9.0 or better
About 4MB hard drive space
A brain (or know someone with one)

For comparison this was developed on an IBM Thinkpad A22, 800MHz, ATI RAGE Mobility video, 512MB of ram and Windows 98. Not exactly a powerhouse but then I wouldn't say it had a 'smooth' frame rate either with all the options cranked up.

Please note: This is UNOFFICAL, the Penny-Arcade has no connection with, or even awareness of, this program. So don't bug them about it.

Please also note: The software is considered BETA! That is I haven't had a chance to test it on many different systems so there are probably hardware/software conflict issues. If you have problems let me know here

If you want to see some 3D scenes Jeff did you can click here
Copyright 2004 Karen/Jeff Thomas